[RECAP] Local Guides Surabaya On Air - M Radio Surabaya

Our Local Guides Surabaya community commitment is to contribute by synergizing with various elements, both private and government. At this time, I was invited to share about Local Guides Summit 2017 and Local Guides Surabaya. At this time companying with my friends from Local Guides Surabaya. 

We were invited to broadcast for one hour, we shared about several things, among others: 
1. What are Local Guides,
2. How to be selected as Indonesian delegates for Local Guides Summit 2017,
3. How to contribute to the local area,
4. How to promoting local tourism through Local Guides,
5. How to join in Local Guides Surabaya and Local Guides Indonesia.
M Radio Surabaya is a popular radio station in Surabaya, East Java. 

So when we are on air on this radio is listened by all users of the existing highway in East Java. And Also this radio very famous on Youth. 

See Our On Air : 

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