[RECAP] Celebrate Restaurant Photo Month Local Guides Surabaya Day 5

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Today, is our fifth day and last day from Local Guides Surabaya supporting the Local Guides global event Foodcrawl "Restaurant Photo Month" at Cocari from 18:00 till end. Overall, many participants are present, we are very excited and appreciate for everybody who has coming! But there are still some who can not come and canceling. 

See our event before : 
On this fifth day, more and more people are coming and increasingly diverse. This time we were visited by some school children who were very interested with Local Guides program and they wanted to join the Local Guides Surabaya community. 

This meetup initiated by @Amorkha , a Local Guides Surabaya member who love take a photograph. In this agenda, Local Guides Surabaya do some activities in this All You Can Eat area, starting with taking photo together, revieweing about the meals, sharing about Local Guides and photography technique and also we are fixing the place and take photo 360's with Street View Trusted Photographers program. The last, we are celebrate my friends Birthday, Arindi Maharani.

Preparing and Eating All You Can Eat Melas

Technical Briefing by Amorr

Taking the foods

Taking the foods together

Updating and Revieweing on Google Maps

And this event was posted on : 

You know ? I'm very happy because many local guides are active, especially in Surabaya. Today, so many local guides member can continue my struggle to develop Local Guides Surabaya community. I hope in the future, Google Local Guides Head Quarter can meet with Local Guides Surabaya community member.

The Local Guides Surabaya community will continue to strive for the better in the future. Hope we can be more exciting meetup again!

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