[RECAP] 5 Days "MARATHON" Celebrate Restaurant Photo Month With Local Guides Surabaya

Hello everyone, want to share the story ya!

And, Do you know ?
That, Local Guides Indonesia community, especially Local Guides Surabaya community always supports events launched by Local Guides Program as well as some Global events initiated by Local Guides friends from all over the world.

Our Local Guides Surabaya are dedicated to fully support the event "Celebrate restaurant photo month with us in July" by @LuisRG. After an impromptu meeting, and a very short time, MARATHON Foodcrawl finally got us in a smooth manner. 

This time I did not become the executor of the event, because I am very confident the members of Local Guides Surabaya community have bright ideas to make progress and develop the Local Guides Surabaya community. This time I just became an impromptu adviser and consultant to some of my friends, among others:

Day 1 at Hayaku

Day 5 at Cocari

This time I was helped by my super friends to make this MARATHON event come true, @AlvanY@badaib@NadyahSilma@Amorkha. And I can call that this is The Next Generation from Local Guides Surabaya!
You know ? I'm very happy because many local guides are active, especially in Surabaya. Today, so many local guides member can continue my struggle to develop Local Guides Surabaya community. I hope in the future, Google Local Guides Head Quarter can meet with Local Guides Surabaya community member.

The Local Guides Surabaya community will continue to strive for the better in the future. Hope we can be more exciting meetup again!

Fahmi Adimara

I'm a Travel Photographer. I'm passionate at Mountaineering, Traveling, and Diving. This blog is a place where I want to share all the things I love.

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